Find the insights to outperform.

We build complex data analytics solutions to help management gain insights into company performance, competitor behaviour and the broader market.

Welcome to Eagle Point Partners

Eagle Point Partners is a new kind of advisory firm - that combines deep technical expertise with traditional strategy consulting. We help our clients bridge the divide between management and the underlying data that can provide valuable insights and improve decision-making.

Finding the data to help you gain an edge

Knowing more than your competitors is an obvious way to gain an edge in the market. We help our clients find and interpret huge amounts of data that exist both inside or outside their organisation. While the amount of available information varies by industry, if the data is available we'll find it.

Simple, intuitive, interactive interfaces

Our solutions enable clients to interact visually with the data to test hypotheses, examine outliers and monitor performance KPIs. None of this requires mastering new technical skills or hiring new technical staff. We install platforms for integrating, managing and validating data to make these interfaces possible.

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